Best Places in Tybee for Easter Photos

Tybee Easter PhotosBecause Tybee Island is such an enchanting place, you can’t go wrong taking a stroll around the area and stopping at one or all of the many places that present the perfect backdrop for taking memorable Easter photos! Just enjoying the outdoors or the beach is a perfect way to spend Easter weekend whether you are celebrating with family, friends, your significant other, or just hanging out by yourself.

So where are these perfect photo opportunities in Tybee? All over the Island! In all seriousness, you really can’t go wrong just stopping along your travels and breaking out the camera, but here are a few specific places that will enhance the memories you are trying to capture in your annual Easter pictures.

1. Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum
The Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum would make a beautiful backdrop for your Easter pictures! Taking the steps to the top of the lighthouse offers a gorgeous view of the island, and you never know what else you may see from that high up with all of the natural wildlife there is on Tybee.

2. Any stretch of our 5 mile long beach
Tybee Island has one of the most beautiful beaches along the Georgia coastline, making up five miles of the most perfect sandcastle making sand, warm ocean water, and breathtaking panoramic views. Head to the beach early for sunrise pictures or late for sunset pictures!

3. 17th Street Inn
We may be a little biased here, but using the 17th Street Inn as a backdrop for Easter photos is a great way to showcase some of what Tybee has to offer. With the sun shining through the palm trees just outside our doors and the adriondack chairs meant for relaxing, we strive to provide you with the perfect getaway for Easter! Even better yet, book your stay with us and take advantage of our gorgeous courtyard with plenty of photo opps!

4. The Tybee Pier and Pavillion
The Tybee Pier and Pavillion is one of the most popular attractions on Tybee Island and for good reason – the number of things you can do here are mind boggling, including taking some of the most breath-taking pictures!

What do you imagine as the perfect backdrop in Tybee for your Easter photos?

There is never a shortage of fun and things to do in Tybee so pack your bags and we’ll see you when you get here!

Contact us here at the 17th Street Inn for more information about staying with us, things to do on Tybee Island including dining, nightlife, beach activities, must see attractions and events, and any other questions you may have about the area!  We would also love for you to connect with us on our Facebook Page.

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