Pets Need a Safe Halloween Too!

Halloween is one of the most anticipated times of the year for your children because of all of the candy, treats, decorations, parades, and haunted things to do.  Halloween is also one of the most dangerous times for pets, mostly for the same reasons.  In order to make sure Halloween is safe and fun for your dogs … Continue reading

10 Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Before your children get dressed up as little ghosts and goblins, zombies and princesses to go out into the night to trick-or-treat this Halloween, there are safety precautions that parents can take to make sure that the only howling they do is out of fun and excitement.  No matter where you take your kids to trick-or-treat, you need to … Continue reading

The Haunted Places of Tybee Island ~ Prepare to be CHILLED!!

Prepare to take a chilling look into the many haunted places, haunted houses, ghost tours and ghost sightings of Tybee Island!  Well known for its abundance of ghostly activity and hauntings, Tybee is one of the scariest places to be during the month of October, with Halloween looming just around the corner… Let’s start with … Continue reading