The Haunted Places of Tybee Island ~ Prepare to be CHILLED!!

Prepare to take a chilling look into the many haunted places, haunted houses, ghost tours and ghost sightings of Tybee Island!  Well known for its abundance of ghostly activity and hauntings, Tybee is one of the scariest places to be during the month of October, with Halloween looming just around the corner…

Let’s start with the Tybee Lighthouse Station, named one of the most haunted places in America.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • A staff member claims to have seen an apparition of a man in the First assistant keeper’s house as well as hearing constant footsteps.
  • The Head keeper’s house has had claims of hearing whistling and hearing the front door trying to be opened.
  • A psychic claims to have seen the spirits of two children playing in the yard jumping rope and seeing a man dressed as a light keeper in front of the lighthouse.
  • There have been sightings of a 5 year old girl running down the steps of the lighthouse warning visitors not to go up any further.

The Tybee Lighthouse is among the top things to do in Tybee and happens to be only 8 minutes from us here at the 17th Street Inn!

Since Tybee Island has such a rich history, it’s really no surprise that hauntings and ghostly sightings can be found around any corner, especially this time of year.  Take a walking ghost tour for a truly chilling look into Tybee’s not so friendly past and you’ll hear stories of pirates like Black Beard and Stede Bonnet.

You can also wander the dark streets of our historic city hearing tales of a darker past or even visit the homes of wealthy plantation owners and feel the presence of those from the antebellum culture.  Tybee Island tour guides offer many different ghost tours, whether it’s an evening ghost tour of local haunted buildings, a tour of Tybee Island cemeteries, or a walking tour through the haunted streets and alley ways.

Do you believe in ghosts (even if it’s just at this time of year)?

There is never a shortage of fun and things to do in Tybee so pack your bags and we’ll see you when you get here!

Contact us here at the 17th Street Inn for more information about staying with us, things to do on Tybee Island including dining, nightlife, beach activities, must see attractions and events, and any other questions you may have about the area!  We would also love for you to connect with us on our Facebook Page.

One Response to “The Haunted Places of Tybee Island ~ Prepare to be CHILLED!!”
  1. jessie says:

    its kind of scary but at the same time interesting………. it seems many people have dide, maybe its a cursed place who knows..?????????

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