How to Spend Memorial Day Weekend on Tybee Island

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and Tybee Island is going to be alive with celebrations, picnics, barbeques, pool parties, beach parties, and many other ways for you and your family orfriends to leave work and your cares behind…for three whole days!  So aside from the normal fun that happens here on Tybee, what else is there to do to honor the veterans who fought for our freedom?

One of the places you can visit is Historic Fort Screven, named in honor of General James Screven, a Revolutionary War hero.  Located on the north end of Tybee, the fort was an integral part of America’s Coastal Defense system from 1897 to 1947.  Troops stood guard on Tybee through the Spanish American War of 1898, World War I and World War II.  In 1947, the Fort was closed and sold to the Town of Tybee and tourism returned as a major part of Tybee’s history.

Today, you can marvel at the private residences nestled atop the Fort’s walls, the magnificent ocean and river views, and the Fort that played a role in so many phases of American history.

Another historic place you can visit over Memorial Day weekend in Tybee is the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum.  The museum consists of the light station with three keeper’s houses and other historic buildings.  The lighthouse keeper’s cottage (which is part of the museum) is the oldest building on Tybee and has been restored from historic documents and photos.  Located on Meddin Drive, the Lighthouse is about 10 minutes from us here at the 17th Street Inn.

Speaking of historic places, don’t forget about Fort Pulaski.  Fort Pulaski National Monument has one of the National Park Service’s most active black powder programs.  Park rangers and volunteers present three daily musket firing programs and cannon firings are presented every Saturday.

For much of the 19th century, masonry fortifications were the United States’ main defense against overseas enemies.  However, during the Civil War, new technology proved its superiority to these forts.  The Union army used rifled cannon and compelled the Confederate garrison inside Fort Pulaski to surrender.  The siege was a landmark experiment in the history of military science and invention.

These are just a few of the ways you can spend Memorial Day on Tybee Island…what are you planning?

There is never a shortage of fun and things to do in Tybee so pack your bags and we’ll see you when you get here!

Contact us here at the 17th Street Inn for more information about staying with us, things to do on Tybee Island including dining, nightlife, beach activities, must see attractions and events, and any other questions you may have about the area!  We would also love for you to connect with us on our Facebook Page.

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